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[DLP Project Disclosure #1] DLP Token Matrix (January 25th, 2022)

Total Supply & Circulation Supply

From October to December 2021, a total of four snapshots were conducted for XPC coin holders and DLP token holders, and DLP token airdrops were conducted for all holders who participated in the snapshots. Through these airdrops, a total of 2.5M DLP was evenly distributed to about 4,000 users. This is expected to greatly help grow DLP projects and expand DLP ecosystem in the future. Details of last DLP Airdrop can be found in the notice of BITCLOVER Exchange.

DLP Token Economy has no token allocation for team members, and Angel Investment Category is a token for team members who invested for the initial operation of the project and is a reward for about 100,000 USDT investment. The investment is used only for listing(DEX & CEX), liquidity supply, marketing, etc., and is not used for operating expenses such as wages of team members. In addition, the funds generated by the tokens of DLP Foundation are not used in operating expenses, and are invested in liquidity supply. It covers operating expenses as part of the profits from the operation of liquidity funds, and the remaining profits are used for DLP token buyback and XPC coin buyback.

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